WHEELSPINNER Spinnin' around and around...

AVT Wheelspinner

Want to check the margin on your wheel bearings? It’s easy with the Wheelspinner.

The Wheelspinner can turn around an unloaded wheel of a car, bus, truck, trailer wagon or a trailer at high speed. So you will be able to determine if the wheel bearings are worn out.

Safe in use

The Wheelspinner is CE-approved, provided with an emergency stop and with clicsons to monitor the temperature of the electric motor.

Long lifespan

The drum is made of light metal and assembled together with the motor on a frame of steel plate.

Maintenance free

The Wheelspinner has no lubrication points and the bearings in the motor are maintenance free.

Wheelspinner is easy to use

In order to spin a wheel with the Wheelspinner, the wheel should be free from the ground: use a safe lifting tool. The drum of the Wheelspinner moves at a short distance of the wheel. By pressing the wheel to the turning drum it will start to move: the friction between the drum and the belt will turn the wheel. The Wheelspinner can turn as well as to the right as to the left.
When the drum and the wheel move simultaneously, the wheel will reach a high speed. At that moment the Wheelspinner can be removed from the wheel and a analysis can be made.

The wheel will slowly coastdown. During the complete range of speed you will be able to hear the bearings. An inferior bearing will make noise and should be replaced.

Attention! Because of the high speed of the turning wheel and drum, we advise you strongly to consider your safety at all times. Extensive instructions and safety regulations find here

Service included

The Wheelspinner is produced with excellent care in a company with ISO9001:2008 certification (download).

With regular use the Wheelspinner does not need any periodically maintenance, expect as described in the manual. With regards to this electric device, the Dutch annual NEN3140-inspection can be applied. The machine is ‘fool-proof’’, so no failures.

For questions you can contact our service-department.

Reparations within 5 days after receipt.

More information

More information about the Wheelspinner or interested for a quotation? Please feel free to contact us.
Telephone +31 (0) 165 85 20 00
E-mail: info@wheel-spinner.com

Wheelspinner plays part in music video DJ Hardwell!

In januari jl. werd AVT door Car Casting Holland benaderd of zij onze Wheelspinner mochten gebruiken voor een videoclip met Vredestein.

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